self portrait

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but I left at the age of five for a new life in the United States. My family lived first in Columbia, South Carolina, then Hazard, Kentucky, and finally Knoxville, Tennessee before making another move. This time we landed in Canada where I still live today.

After a childhood of drawing and writing I attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where I studied drawing and printmaking. I worked as a graphic designer and typesetter before embarking on a career in illustration. After a few years of commercial illustration I went back to storytelling and began writing and illustrating my own books.

My books are inspired by the stories all around me. I get ideas by watching and listening all the time. I also keep a sketchbook and am constantly doodling and creating characters. Once in a while one of those characters leaps off the page and begs for a story.


“He’s a talented little oaf.” – my mom
“I love the magic noodly bits!” – some art director for some magazine